Thursday, October 4, 2012

We're Live!

You can now experience the Transmedia Test Kitchen Winning Experience and mobile tour live on iOS grab the
Moveable Feast App and experience the story at Lincoln Center.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Help Me Find My Spider: Lost Near Lincoln Center

My name is Lex and I work at Lincoln Center, I found a friend, Fluffy, in the catacombs underneath the Opera House I want to show him the world. Central Park, To the Fountains, Down to Broadway to take in Cabaret (long story short, he was not a fan of Fosse). But, As we were going to the farmer's market a few hours ago, we were separated... and well, as a Giant Spider in New York, I'm concerned that someone might mistake him for a politician and be mean...

Please help me find my spider and bring him home to the Catacombs where he can return to eating flies and appreciating fine art. 

If you find him, please send a picture of where he was on Twitter #TTKitchen or leave a comment.

Team Spider is Victorious!

As part of the New York Film Festival: Convergence track, JD Carter and Caitlin Burns faced off as Team Spider against their worthy opponents, Team Turtle (Blaine Graboyes and Jamey Shafer).

Each team was given a half-hour to create a 3 platform transmedia project using three props.

Team Spider had:
  • A Large Fake Spider
  • A Film Society of Lincoln Center Hard Hat
  • A Small Pewter Ray Gun
We were also asked to make use of the audience's skill sets, and to create one theatrical interaction as part of the event.

With that in mind, and a degree of creativity and gumption, Team Spider created
  • Finger Puppets (Feel Free to print them out at home, depicting other creatures from the Catacombs Beneath Lincoln Center, they were drawn by audience member, Andrea Phillips)
  • A Social Media Campaign (This Blogspot, posted to Twitter and Facebook)
  • And A Film/Walking Tour of Lincoln Center available on iOS tablets and phones thanks to Moveable Feast Mobile Media. (Starring Audience Volunteer: Alexandra Castillo)
  •  The climax of our narrative was performed in the room during the 5 minute presentation of our "prototype" of the production.

While Team Turtle's elaborate Pinterest-Maze-Race was delightful...

The audience determined that Team Spider won the day.

Team Spider Forever!